Innovation Week is the largest innovation event held at LTH. The goal of this event is to showcase the innovation that is present all over Skåne & the Öresunds region. Due to COVID-19, we had to adapt and create a new format to allow companies and students to connect. Our vision is to create a website that is tailored to the students to showcase the companies and allow them to select meeting times without the pressure of face-to-face talking, and queuing behind numerous other students waiting to approach the table. Through the website, the students will be able to access a short video and description of the companies and decide which ones they want to contact and set up a short discussion session. The company pages will also contain current positions available at the companies so that you can tailor your questions and comments to specific positions. We will invite start-ups, start-up incubators, and other innovative companies to give a complete experience for those interested in innovation and entrepreneurship. The company pages and videos will be posted constantly and the discussion sessions will be scheduled during Week 39 (September 21-25)​

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