Below are short descriptions of our partners and companies that will participate in Innovation Week 2018. We will update the list regularly as more companies sign up. 

Our partners are:

Sten K. Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship

Venture Lab is the Startup Hub of Lund University​

Sten K. Johnson Centre for entrepreneurship teaches students to be better entrepreneurs

Participating companies: 

Sigma Lundinova make electronics design and embedded software

HØIBERG is a leading patent firm in Scandinavia, with clients ranging from start-ups to multinational companies

Sentian AI help companies transform their businesses through AI and machine learning

Neodev is a consulting company within software engineering and machine learning

Notified creates products that help you monitor media mentions, find your influencers, and distribute content.

Sensative develop IoT for smart cities & smart buildings

Flow is a medication free treatment for depression

Grønbid is a green tech platform creating buying communities

QuickCool develops an easy-to-use brain and body cooling system

Våga works with social sustainability for events

Tendo develops soft exoskeleton for people with grip disabilitites

MyWorld enables you to share and access local knowledge with your network

Acconeer's radar sensor combines extremely low power with high accuracy, ideal for IoT and mobile devices

Bjorkstrom Robotics are developing new cool Augmented Reality products for construction & architecture industry

Hydromesh is a first of its kind combined power/heat system utilizing local renewables, hydrogen & machine learning

Comotion creates 3D, film and interactive experiences

Smile Incubator helps entrepreneurs and early-stage companies develop and commercialize new ideas in life science

Medotemic develops advanced methods for motion analysis

NordAxon provides professional machine learning services

Medeon Science Park & Incubator in Malmö is focused on companies in the life science field

Bitcraze create open platforms that enable people to explore the world of flying robotics

Scientific EdTech develop the optimal digital learning tool for teaching basic math to children across the world

1337 Works are the ultimate all-you-need destination to turn a software-based idea into a business

CobbleVision is an AppStore for ComputerVision Algorithms

Mindlab provides a community and laboratory for Brain-Computer-Interfaces

Aiesec creates international opportunities for young people to develop their leadership skills by joining start-ups

Cellrebel helps mobile operators understand the real user experience based on billions of data samples

HomePal make real estate systems, with services including a living app and an errorhandling system

Animus Home create innovative smart home solutions for a more personalized experience

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